In the St. Pius X Day Care after school program, we have caring, well-trained teachers who provide structure, yet remain flexible, to meet the moods and needs of the children. Our teachers understand that your school-age child is in a tightly-structured environment all day. When the school day ends, the last thing these children want or need is to go into another environment where they are expected to sit still and be quiet.


Our teachers will give your child the independence he/she needs while providing the guidance you need to know they are receiving. Your child will have the opportunity to choose the activity they want to do each day. Some of the choices available are (but are not limited to):

Art/Crafts –

To nourish creativity

Science and Math activities –

To enhance problem-solving skills; encourage curiosity; and promote sense of discovery

Group Games –
Organized to promote listening skills, social development, and problem-solving skills

Large/muscle Activities –

Indoor and outdoor play, which gives children an opportunity to run off some built-up energy from their already long day. We provide organized sports and other group activities for the children, or they can just hang with their friends and pick their own game to play.

Puzzles and Quiet Games –

Provided for the child who just wants to relax and enjoy down time and is not in the mood for the social scene.

All of us here at St. Pius X Early Care realize that any time you spend with your child is very important, but possibly is limited. Our teachers offer ample time for the students to work on homework as well as providing assistance as needed. This gives your family more time in the evening to spend together. We understand that every little bit helps.

Our staff is dedicated to providing your child with the highest quality of care, while providing you with peace of mind.